Friday, 15 March 2013

Google Friend Connect No More??

Hi Guys! So im sure lots of you are aware that Google friend connect may being closed down, I have to say this is quiet disappointing news as i was just getting in the swing of things, with my blog being under a year old, also to the people who have had there blogs for many years and built up a strong followers list. But on the positive side there are other platforms where we can follow each others blog! You can follow me on Bloglovin, theres an icon located on the right side of my blog, i have seen some people have followed already so thank you!! :) you can also follow me on Pinterest where i upload my nail art and inspiration.



  1. thanks for sharing, following u on bloglovin now too! x

  2. eh, I know about it- it's quite disspapointing!
    But we can do something:
    here's a link for voting to keep the Google reader running!
    Pls share it and give your vote!

    I follow you via Blogloving, too ^^ (and Pinterest of course).

    1. Cool thanks for the info! thank you (: x


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